Kalipofoon is a new, unique project that emanates from the successful Radio Barkas.

While Radio Barkas is all about rock & roll, jive, surf and rhythm & blues, with Kalipofoon we have dug even deeper in the world of vintage ‘grammofonika’, uncovering exotic treasures like Rhumba Boogie, Exotic Blues, Mambo Rockers, Cumbia and Calypso Honkers.

Kalipofoon is a mobile DJ-set. With this machine, we show the technology and skills behind old-fashioned DJ-ing, in a way that is exciting for 21st century audiences. It’s a neat, compact and suprisingly intimate mobile DJ- and VJ-set, reminiscent of the fifties and sixties, yet slightly modern. Originally, the Kalipofoon was designed for the Chevron Festival Gardens, one of the venues of the Perth International Arts Festival in Australia.

Thanks to years of passionately collecting vintage records and the experience of performing at a wide range of festivals, Kalipofoon creates the perfect vintage dance party. Strictly vinyl of course. Our interest in the origins of contemporary pop music fuels the project. Radio Barkas did not just spin tunes at Dutch festivals like Lowlands and Noorderzon, but we also dj’ed at Roskilde (DK), Sziget Budapest, Norfolk & Norwich Festival (UK) and Les Tombées de la Nuit (FR).

Kalipofoon is well-suited for festivals and events, for wedding parties, informal receptions.. it also works quite well as an ‘entrance act’.

In the Netherlands, Kalipofoon operates as a solo act. At special request a second dj can be added to the formula.


Tristan Kruithof: concept, design, construction, DJ
Kim van der Weerden: production, administration
Jessica Panhuijsen: websites, promotional material

Jacco Mittendorf, Erik Snoek and Tristan Kruithof.

Among our other collaborators are Tom van Wijngaarden, Daan Mathot, Trudy Hekman, Paul de Groot and Job Rebergen.

The main points in the technical rider and the general terms and conditions of Kalipofoon are:

-A performance usually lasts three hours. (Longer performances are negotiable.)
-Kalipofoon is mobile.
-Kalipofoon runs on a battery packet. We can give a wireless performance for about 3 hours.
– It takes 60 minuten to build up the set, and 60 minutes to break it down.
-We do both indoor and outdoor performances.
-Audience size per show: around 150 persons.
-At your special request, we can also bring along an extra sound system and/or microphone.
-We can use our own generator, in case a power outage might occur.

We kindly reguest the host organisation to provide:
-a parking spot for our van
-an electrical outlet: CEE 230V (max. 13A).
-a sufficient amount of food and drinks (catering, consumptions).
-overnight stay in a hotel (When there’s a booking for several days and driving back to Utrecht is no viable option.)